Knowledge Sharing

CCA proivides:

(a) Professional mentoring: Developing project proposals takes time, especially if there are multiple stakeholders involved. CCA provides the participants with the know-how and skills in assessing project opportunities, mitigation and adaptation options, and managing the development of these proposals. Once course participants leave the classroom, they continue to have access to expert help from CCA as they return home to implement what they have learned. Mentors are available to help participants finalize and guide their climate change proposals through to approval. Experts are available by internet and telephone to respond to urgent technical questions. Other techniques, such as remote learning, are employed to ensure that participants get the follow-up support they require to put lessons into practice. 

(b) Assistance during project implementation:  If the countries deem it suitable, CCA specialists will serve on a dedicated “advisory body” to provide expert advice on the various project activities during implementation.